Live Oak Service

The reason I was called out to this live oak was because the driveway was being impeded by the lower right canopy limbs. After removing them at the trunk the other side needed to be trimmed for balance. We ended up removing over 3000lbs of the lower canopy all the way around. Many issues were solved in this job including encroachment on the house and driveway. The canopy lift allowed much needed sunlight to the yard and the growth off the tree has been directed upward towards permissible areas. It is now free to grow larger and more upright and flourish without future cause for concern.

Hilton Head Island Live Oak undergoing tree service

Live Oak in Bluffton in need of some trimming

Live Oak in Bluffton Island after Lenoard Mink Tree Service

Care and experience is require when dealing with these trees

Bluffton Live Oak in need of service

Leonard Mink Tress Service Owner Leonard Mink in Action

Knowing where to cut…

Owner / Operator Leonard Mink of Leonard Mink Tree Service in Bluffton

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