Leave your tree removal needs to a licensed and insured company that does not believe you need a crane or large piece of equipment on your property for every job. We believe large equipment can be a nuisance to you and your neighbors. At Leonard Mink Tree Service we like to keep it simple.  We enjoy the eco-friendly process of tree removal with as little equipment emissions as possible.  Full tree removals will be safely performed by certified climbers with 20+ years of climbing experience.  We safely lower one limb down at a time when needed until the job is complete.  Stump grinding is always available also.  We take pride in a great clean up after every job.

I offer a full range of professional tree services including

  • Full Removal
  • Trimming
  • Sunlight Enhancementphoto
  • Insurance Work
  • Stump Grinding
  • Bush Trimming
  • Property Face Lifts
  • Dead Removal
  • Lot Clearing
  • Emergency Service
  • Southern Rope Swing Installation
  • … and much more.

Tree Trimming

Young and mature trees will always need proper pruning, dead removal, shaping and Leonard Mink Tress Service Owner Leonard Mink in Actioncanopy lifts.  You may find yourself the new owner of uncared for trees.  We can help create your vision for your new or old property.

Pro-Growth Management

A preventative more long term way of trimming to help form trees into your future expectations with less visits from a tree service.  ‘Pro-Growth Management’ is specially designed for the Investor, Real Estate Professional or Landlord that needs a one time, high impact result.  This process involves going beyond the average tree maintenance plan.  Pro Growth Management directs your tree’s growth to the areas we want.  We purposely remove limbs that are taking life energy from the speed and health of the growth of your tree.  We anticipate years of growth into the future to redirect, shape, create and control your vision.  Almost like a large ‘Bonsai’ would be trained and purposed, so will be your trees.

We consult, visualize and achieve an end result with this program.  Keeping suckers trimmed off on a regular basis is imperative to the success of our goals together for your tree.

Sunlight Enhancement

Sunlight enhancement is a common need among most homeowners in this part of the country. We achieve this goal with specialized locational trimming and sometimes full removals when necessary.  We can bring fresh air and new sunlight into those shady and moist areas for you. If you have to move your pool chair around every hour to get a tan, we can fix that too.  Let us open up your pool, courtyard, entry or windows to a natural anti-depressant…sunlight!  We consistently get pleasing results from our sunlight enhancement program.

Insurance Work

New home owners and real estate professionals sometimes depend on Leonard Mink Tree Service to close a deal and satisfy all parties involved.  We have found that different insurance companies have differing requirements for how close limbs can be to a structure wall or roof.  You may find yourself having to call us if you switch homeowners insurance or acquire new property.  We are happy to give an affordable solution to this problem in a timely fashion.

Also, if any damage to your property is done by a tree and you need a licensed professionals at an affordable price, call us.  We will document damages with high quality pictures and email them to you on site when you call.  We may even be able to save your deductible by being so affordable and in good communication with you during this process.  We will work ‘with you’ not ‘for you’ in this stressful time.

Stump Grinding

We offer stump grinding with state of the art equipment.  Let us remove that stump Stump grinding on Hilton Head Islandand give you the opportunity to recreate that area with something new and fresh.

Overall Property Facelifts

This is where our passion for this industry comes out.  Let us give your property a site specific once over that gives dramatic results.  We will tailor a plan for your property to transform in a matter of hours.  From trees and bushes to new plantings and everything in between we can give your property that youthful look again!

Curb Appeal

Selling or wanting to update your property’s look?  With real estate experience in flipping houses along with years of landscape installation and informal designing, Leonard Mink knows what buyers are looking for.  He personally sold his flipped house for the highest price ever recorded within his neighborhood even during a depressed market.

You need to set your property apart from the others with simple additions yet a streamlined look that appeals to most buyers.  Sometimes your landscape specimens are too mature for their location and have created an outdated, high maintenance look that buyers shy away from.  That’s one of many tips that can make your home experience a visual success. Call for a free consultation about increasing your homes curb appeal today!

Dead Removal

Not only are dead limbs and trees unsightly, they are dangerous.  Most damage is caused by dead limbs not green ones.  It doesn’t take a storm or high wind for damage to occur.  They can fall at any time.  I once had a Red Doberman named Zoey that was napping in the back yard of my home and a high dead limb fell on her back leg causing a compound fracture that resulted in amputation.  The limb was no bigger than a golf ball in diameter.  If I wouldn’t have come home early that day and found her she would have bled to death.  That is an extreme case and example I know, but one that I experienced so I share it for that reason.  If I just would have removed the dead limbs she would have four legs today.

Artistic Shaping

If your tree needs to be shaped correctly we can do that.  Out of proportion growth or lack of care can cause unsightly tree shapes.  Let us simplify your tree and get it where you want it today.

Emergency Service

If you need service after hours we are there for you.  Relatives coming in without notice is an emergency to some, so we will come on short notice for your “emergency” too!


If you want extra peace of mind you should consider support cabling as an alternative to removal.  Some limbs are so beautiful yet could be so detrimental if they snap. In that case cabling may be a better choice than removal.  Lets preserve what we can and give your tree a better chance at health!

Lightning Protection

Just to keep it simple, we can decrease the chance of losing that beautiful old tree to a lightning strike.  By redirecting the flow of electricity from a strike we save the tree from being the conductor.  We use discreet cables that are grounded at least 15 feet from the tree base. They are more conductive than the tree and are designed to safely disperse the damaging energy elsewhere. Call for details and pricing.

Bush Trimming

Let us trim your hedges or bush type plants also.  We make calls for that alone from time to time.

Southern Rope Swing Installation

We will come out and hang that swing for you on that high limb.  You can find your own swing or we can design a custom classic wood base rope swing just for your needs.  Call us today for an added touch of charm and fun to your tree.

Lot Clearing

Although at this time we do not offer grading ourselves, we can still prepare your lot for building.  We do selective and all tree removal for lot preparation purposes also. We will grind the stumps below grade and even subcontract the grading if necessary through our company name with no hassle to you.  There are many different ways to clear a lot.  Call to discuss these options with and without heavy equipment. Together we can do it!

Wouldn’t you like to have everything your property needs done by one company you can trust?  We can document each visit with pictures by email to out of state owners. We know your property is your reputation and at Leonard Mink Tree Service, it’s ours too.  Whether a tree maintenance plan or total property maintenance plan is your need call us today.

If you can’t seem to find the service you’re looking for above
do not hesitate to call me today at (843) 422-7224 to discuss your needs. Thank you!

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