My Tree Is Brown At The Top, Is It Dying?


The top of your tree, “The Crown”, should be the healthiest part of your tree. If you are noticing browning of leaves or loss of leaves at the crown of your tree, it is experiencing a common but serious tree symptom called crown decline. This can be caused by many issues; root stress or damage,…

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Hilton Head Tree Service Inspects Pine Trees

Pine trees become weak structurally due to abnormalities such as corkscrew trunks and cankers. During a high wind or storm, effected trees are prone to break causing damage to property and other trees. Any Pine tree with a significant abnormality should be removed at it’s earliest maturity. The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

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Dead Tree Removal

Dead Tree Removal - Featured

Job description – This job was done to prevent future dead limbs from falling and damaging the house.  The tree on the left had already dropped a limb that damaged the roof, so taking the two trees down safely was the solution.  We took the trees down in pieces with certified climbers giving the homeowner…

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